Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new OTB tournament!

With the school year winding down I am going to embark on my first every WEEKLY tournament.  It lasts seven rounds and takes place on Wednesdays, beginning tomorrow night.

I am very excited as I have never taken part in a tourney like this!

I am also excited about switching to the Carok-Kann and Queen's Gambit Accepted with the Black pieces and also flirting with the Bird-Larsen attack as White (while still playing 1. e4 as well)

And this Friday, RockyRook and I will play our third game in a four game series.  Rocky has won both games so far.

AND I am really digging on Taimanov's game collection!  He has written great notes and picked great games.

I will post again Thurday regarding Wednesday night's game.