Saturday, May 19, 2012

The best G/15 I have ever played!

Since a scheduled long game didn't happen tonight I had a bit of time to waste and decided to bop on over to  I hadn't been there in awhile.  And I ending up playing the best short game of my life!!

I played my Bird-Larsen as White (an opening that is really growing on me)  I MIGHT even study it!  :)

I guess this game wasn't technically a Bird-larsen as I didn't play an early b2 but same basic gist!

And I won a really fun closed game.  Especially fun because it was a closed G/15!   Those don't always happen.  As the Bird-Larsen is sort of meant for attack I had LinuxGuy's words in my ears:  "don't play pattycake!  Attack when it is time!"

I almost attacked to early but stayed patient waiting for my chance and then I won!

(of course I made some mistakes but it was a really fun game!)

Here is the game with some notes:

Have a great Sunday!