Thursday, May 17, 2012

No OTB game this week and thoughts on OPENINGS...yeah!!

So, I was not able to make the OTB game this week as I had to take the cat in for some testing and wasn't sure when she would be done.  Nothing serious but I thought it unfair to wait until the last minute to request the bye.

So I am sticking with the Bird-larsen for a bit.  I am beginning to see some real potential in that opening and am finally beginning to see how to cope with White's ubiquitously weak e4 square.  I played some version 1. e4 for almost three years so it is time for something new.  And I will dabble with some 1. d4.

Loving the QGA with the Black pieces! 

Caro-kan.......THUMBS DOWN!!  Not a fun opening.  It is like a weak Sicilian!!  If I want to play that sort of passive first move as Black then the French defense is much better and leads to better games.

SO....I am Kanning the Caro-Kan and Picking up the Petroff!! 

WHAT YOU SAY?  Isn't the Petroff a boring dull drawing machine?

Nah!  The games can be unpredictable because it is not overly prepared for AND it can lead to some unique positions rife with possibilities.

So my official annual summer opening switch is:

With White:  From 1.e4 to 1. f4 (with an eye towards the Bird-larsen)

With the Black pieces:  From the 2...e6 Sicilian TO the Petroff against 1. e4 and from the Queen's Indian to the QGA against 1. d4.

And no opening books will be purchased or studied!  Just gonna learn by looking at games and playing experience.

At some point in another year or two I will probably halt my annual opening switch and pick a few I REALLY want to study and dive into.  I will probably (hopefully) be ready for that in a year or two.  We will see.

But I do think that switching openings once a year is healthy for the following reasons:

  • Keeps things fresh
  • one's overall chess culture is enhanced as he or she is exposed to a LOT of different chess positions and possibilities over time.
  • and when it comes time for real opening study, one will have a better idea what to really dive into as he or she will have experienced  a broader depth of openings!
I wish everyone a good weekend!